July 24, 2013

why choose Us

why choose V-Max Plumbing

V-Max Plumbing, your local plumber :)

why choose US

There are many plumbing companies in California and there are more than a dozen servicing the entire Los Angeles County. How do you choose a plumbing company in Paramount and surrounding areas in California? Do you have a list of criteria based on which you can assess the positive attributes and shortcomings of plumbers in your area? Any decision has to be based on factual information and V-Max Plumbing gives you more than half a dozen reasons that would more than rationalize why you should choose our services.

Locally Owned & Operated

V-Max Plumbing is locally owned, based and operated. The founders of the company, the staffs and everyone associated with the organization are from the city and surrounding areas of Paramount in California. While there is no standard rule that says locally owned companies are better than those having a nationwide presence or than the franchisees that are often catering to distant areas where they do not have a base, but the reality is that knowledge and awareness helps. When plumbers cater to areas that they are personal extremely familiar with, they are more aware of the challenges that a home, office or commercial property faces. For instance, if you are planning to install a new plumbing system, a local plumbing company would be helpful as they wouldn’t have to find out the building regulations. They would already know. At V-Max Plumbing, we already know the kinds of problems that residents, business owners and property managers face in Paramount and surrounding areas in California. Seldom do we need a briefing from our clients because of the knowledge and albeit due to our expertise.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

V-Max Plumbing has a unique offering where you are not only happy with the quality of work done but you would also be extremely satisfied with the entire experience. Right from the initial consultation through the schedule to the post service relation that we cherish with our clients, you would be completely satiated with every facet of our service and that is a guarantee.

Senior Discounts Available

V-Max Plumbing offers discounts to seniors hence if you are an elderly then you shouldn’t keep off plumbing repairs, cleaning or maintenance due to budget constraints. Call us up and we will do our best with the prices.

Over 10 Years Experience

V-Max Plumbing has been in business for more than a decade and we are a company that combines the best of experience with the best of technology to offer you the best plumbing services in Paramount and surrounding areas in California.

Quality, Inexpensive Plumbing

Quality doesn’t come cheap and what comes cheap cannot be of great quality – such is the reality in many cases. With V-Max Plumbing, you experience an exception. We are one of the very few plumbing companies in the state that offers quality work at inexpensive rates.

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Expert Staff Of Master Plumbers

Every staff at V-Max Plumbing is an expert at the craft. They are extensively trained, have priceless experience and are professional, punctual, courteous and understanding, a combination that is rarely in the offing.

Portion Of Profits Are Donated To Children’s Hospital

V-Max Plumbing is a socially aware and responsible company and we understand that everyone needs to have some level of contribution towards larger causes and at least to the immediate community. We regularly contribute to various causes, among which our donation to Children’s Hospital is a perennial practice.


V-Max Plumbing was founded by expert plumbers who had been in the job for several years and had mastered all types of plumbing services. For over 10 years now, V-Max Plumbing has been catering to Paramount and surrounding areas in California with impeccable service and top notch quality plumbing. V-Max Plumbing is the most reliable plumbing company in Paramount and surrounding areas in California. V-Max Plumbing specializes in all types of plumbing fixtures and offers all types of services. In a nutshell, V-Max Plumbing is the holistic doctor for plumbing at your home, office, commercial property, outdoor premises or factories and warehouses.     That is why choose V-Max Plumbing