March 13, 2013

Residential Plumbing

At V Max Plumbing, we focus on providing quality. inexpensive residential plumbing from Santa Monica to Seal Beach.

V-Max Plumbing caters to all kinds of plumbing services. As a homeowner or a commercial property owner, no one would want to hire one plumbing company for certain repairs and another for a new installation and then the first or the second plumber for maintenance or for emergency services. With V-Max Plumbing at your service, you can get anything and everything done. You need consultation about new plumbing systems, energy efficient plumbing fixtures and you want to remodel your home or you have to get some faulty plumbing repaired, maintained or replaced, V-Max Plumbing can get it done.

Some of our plumbing services that we offer in Paramount and surrounding areas in California are –

Drain Stoppage  

Clogged Drains

We can help remove drain stoppages in your house, from toilets to sinks, there’s no drain we can’t drain!

Root Intrusions  

Fix Root Intrusions

Old clay pipes can be damaged and leak because of inferior materials used in older construction.

Water Leak Detection  

Detect Water Leaks

Troubleshooting, using the latest techniques, in order to find leaks which could be causing you problems.

Gas Leaks  

Detect Gas Leaks

We can test for a gas leak, shut-off a gas leak and repair a gas leak.

Reinstallation of Pipes  

Reinstall Pipes

We can re-install pipes in your walls, including removing your old galvanized pipes and replacing them with modern copper pipes.

Water Heater Installation  

Install Water Heater

We will professionally install your water heater so that is both out of the way and still easily accessible.

Tankless Water Heater  

Install Tankless Water Heater

Be eco and save money over time! Install a Tankless Water system to heat your water efficiently and continuously.

Water Pressure Regulator  

Install Water Pressure Regulator

Save your pipes! Install a water pressure regulator to reduce the pressure of water entering your home.

Drain Stoppage  

Drain Cleaning, Installation, Repair & Maintenance

We clean, install, repair and provide maintenance to your drains in your Office, commercial properties, outdoor premises or even factories and warehouses

Root Intrusions  

General Plumbing Installation, Repair & Maintenance

General plumbing features require timely maintenance and some repairs occasionally.

Water Leak Detection  

Sewer Cleaning, Installation, Repair & Service

Sewers, like drains, require timely maintenance and there may be some unforeseen repairs…