May 15, 2013

Fix Root Intrusions

Root Intrusions - V-Max Plumbing

Root Intrusions – V-Max Plumbing

Root intrusion is a very common problem across thousands of neighborhoods in the country. Old pipes that become vulnerable to the spurring growth of roots of trees above them can get infiltrated which results in a colossal problem. Root intrusions can happen onsite of a home, at a ten feet distance from a home or a row of ten houses away. Irrespective of the specific location, one or many homes can get affected by root intrusions. The most challenging reality is that root intrusions happen without any fault of a homeowner or that of a neighborhood. Manning a tree, its branches and offshoots is possible with tree pruning but checking the growth of roots beneath the ground is untenable.

Why Root Intrusions Happen

Roots of trees keep growing as other parts of the tree. When these roots grow and encompass water lines or pipes, they exert pressure on the external surface of the pipes. If the pipes are old and weak or new and of poor quality, then they are prone to leaks and damage. The roots can infiltrate the pipes, cause vents and invade the interiors of the pipes. If pipes have weak points and poorly fixed past problems then that too can worsen the situation. As roots invade the pipes, they keep growing and eventually clog the pipes. Waste water or passage of any materials through the lines becomes blocked erratically and if left untreated or unfixed, there would be a situation where the pipes would be completely blocked by the intruding roots.

Treatment Of Root Intrusions

Root intrusions can be fixed and the sooner you fix the problem the better it is. We use state of the art methods to fix root intrusions.

We use our expertise and modern equipments to identify the exact areas where the problem is. After the blockages are identified, we use various procedures to not only clean the pipes of the intruded roots but also to check their further growth. Besides, we also seal any leaks and undo any damages that may have been caused on the exteriors or the interiors of the pipes.

If you have been struggling with problems of root intrusions, get a permanent solution. Call us today for a no-obligatory consultation and we can offer you a fix to root intrusions.