July 22, 2013

General Plumbing Installation, Repair & …

General Plumbing Installation, Repair & Maintenance

General Plumbing Installation, Repair & Maintenance


General Plumbing Installation, Repair & Maintenance

General plumbing features require timely maintenance and some repairs occasionally. There may be some unforeseen damage to your general plumbing fixtures or the systems may need some seasonal repairing or maintenance. V-Max Plumbing addresses general plumbing repair and maintenance to not just solve the pressing problem but also to ensure that the plumbing fixtures can operate perfectly without any intervention in the near future.

Many of our existing clients refer to V-Max Plumbing as a doctor of plumbing fixtures.


Installation, Replacement, Remodeling, Repairs & Maintenance

When V-Max Plumbing was founded, not many companies offered all types of plumbing services. Many companies hired subcontractors to get specific jobs done. Independent contractors, subcontractors and tie-up of two or more companies were common. As a result, homeowners and property owners had to deal with multiple points of communication and there was very little scope of bestowing accountability. Owing to the involvement of multiple parties, the costs or estimates would also get inflated in the process.

V-Max Plumbing specializes in installation, replacement, remodeling, repairs, cleaning and maintenance of all types of plumbing fixtures, be it drains, sewers, showers, faucets, tanks, general pipes or anything that you have at your property. Irrespective of what your problem at hand may be or what you may wish pertaining to your plumbing, you have only one company to call, a single point of contact to deal with and there is complete accountability, inexpensive prices and impeccable quality service.