July 21, 2013

Drain Cleaning, Installation…

Drain Cleaning by Alan O'Neill-V-Max Plumbing

Drain Cleaning by Alan O’Neill-V-Max Plumbing

Drain Cleaning, Installation, Repair

& Maintenance

Home, office, commercial properties, outdoor premises or even factories and warehouses would  have an extensive drainage network. Drains perform a very important function and are one of the most important features for sanitation. Drains cater to their function all the year round but at times they get clogged. Drain cleaning can be an easy exercise if the clogging is mild but in most cases, the clogging is severe. Drains are not normally cleaned every day or even once every month, thus when there is debris buildup you ought to hire the best professionals for the job.

Drain Cleaning, Installation, Repair & Maintenance

V-Max Plumbing doesn’t just cater to drain cleaning but we also ensure that the physical attributes of the drains are unharmed in the cleaning process. We service the drains to facilitate smoother operations than what they had been delivering and we also have the expertise to attend to drain replacement and installation.






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