Types of Water Heaters and Their Advantages

After a tough day or during your days off, you want to relax and maybe take a cozy and well deserve hot bath. But what happens if you run out of hot water due to your water heater’s lack of capacity. Under these circumstances, a tankless water heater is the answer to your problem. The name itself might tell part of the story but it actually has several benefits over a traditional water heater.

A regular water heater keeps the water hot inside its tank all day, creating standby energy loss. A thermostat controls the temperature, shutting on and off as necessary. This means that even if no hot water is being used, your electricity bill will always go up because is a non-stop situation. On the other hand the tankless water heater warms up the demanded amount of water, for it does not have any water sitting idly in a tank. It only heats water when needed and no reheating is necessary. Equally important, a thankless water heater has a convenient size. They occupy 1/3 less space in comparison to a regular water heater. Traditional water heaters that hold 40-60 gallons measure 60” tall by 24”. On the other hand, a tankless water heater measures 28” tall by 20” wide. This advantage in size enables you to place it in more fitting places and have more free room available.

In the same way, durability is another added benefit to a tankless water heater. A traditional water heater is supposed to last 10-15 years, while a tankless water heaters are estimated to last up to 20 years.

Altogether, you have a much smaller unit that will save you space and money, for your electricity bill will go down and you’ll use it longer. And most important, you will always have enough hot water to take as many hot baths as you like. Contact VMax Plumbing to give you a quote right away!