Thanksgiving Plumbing Tips 2016

Be mindful of what you put down your garbage disposal. Be sure you know what your disposal can and can not handle. Try not to put carrots, onions celery, lettuce, crease, fat, oil, egg shells, pastas, rice, bones, or coffee. These items can potentially be too much for your disposal to handle. To keep your disposal clean, pour dish soap and run it with cooler water. Call V-Max plumbing if your garbage disposal isn’t working properly.

Watch what you flush down your toilets. If you’re having overnight guests or you’re hosting Thanksgiving, chances are somebody won’t follow your “toilet paper only rule.” It may be worth posting a sign in your bathroom that warns your guests to not flush the following items:

-Sanitary napkins/feminine products
-Flushable wipes
-Cleaning wipes
-Facial Cleansing Pads
-Cotton Balls & Swabs
-Paper towel

With a house full of guests, there may not be much time in between showers. Be sure to leave at least fifteen minutes in between persons in order to let your hot water replenish as well as to let the drains clear.  

Lastly be sure to fix any issues before your guests arrive. If you know of current issues such as clogged drains, disposal problems, or leaking faucets, it is better to solve the issue before they get out of hand and no one is available to fix it.

Contact V-Max plumbing today for more tips and tricks to save yourself a hassle this Thanksgiving.