V-Max Plumbing is locally owned, based, and operated.


V-Max Plumbing caters to all kinds of plumbing services. As a homeowner or a commercial property owner, no one would want to hire one plumbing company for certain repairs and another for a new installation and then the first or the second plumber for.



At V-Max Plumbing, we focus on providing quality. inexpensive commercial plumbing from Santa Monica to Seal Beach. V-Max Plumbing specializes in commercial and residential plumbing. The two may seem similar in many ways but the sheer scale, difference in specific purposes and the nature of the plumbing fixtures are the dissimilarities that a plumber has to deal with..

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About us

Family owned and operated

V-Max Plumbing was founded by its current owner, Ernesto Altamirano. An expert plumbers who had been in the job for several years and had mastered all types of plumbing services. For over 10 years now, V-Max Plumbing has been catering to Paramount and surrounding areas in California with impeccable service and top notch quality plumbing. V-Max Plumbing specializes in all types of plumbing fixtures and offers all types of services. In a nutshell, V-Max Plumbing is the holistic doctor for plumbing at your home, office, commercial property, outdoor premises, or factories and warehouses.

Also, V-Max Plumbing is a socially aware and responsible company. We understand the importance of contributing towards great causes and give back to our community. Reason why giving to St. Jude Children’s Hospital is part of our monthly donations.


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